57. Jahrestagung der Neuen Gruppe

Start date 16.11.2023
End date 18.11.2023
Time 10:00
Location Düsseldorf

This year, the 57th annual conference of the Neue Gruppe will focus on the topic of INTERDISCIPLINARY THERAPY FOR SEVERE PARODONTITIS (stages III and IV).

14 nationally and internationally renowned speakers from Germany and abroad will present important aspects of the interdisciplinary treatment strategy.

According to the "Global Burden of Disease" study (1990-2010), 11.2% of the world's population is affected by severe periodontitis. The demographic change in our society towards an increasingly aging population will bring more and more patients with complex findings due to severe periodontal diseases into our practices.

We are on the spot for you. To learn more about the prevention of these diseases and the outstanding properties of our ceramic implants, please visit us at booth no. 9.

We look forward to an exciting exchange with you!

For more information, visit neue-gruppe.com