Z5m(t) | One-piece implant

One-piece implant - specially developed

With active thread – specially designed to provide maximum primary stability for bone class D3 ⁄ D4 and for immediate implant placement after tooth loss.


Properties of Z-SYSTEMS implants

  • scientifically tested and documented soft tissue affinity
  • superior aesthetics, no gray rings, white implant
  • innovative chair-side abutment individualization
  • outstanding bone integration thanks to the SLM®* surface

* Surface Laser Modified


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Highlights of the Z5m(t) one-piece implant

The laserstructured SLM®-surface has been shown to promote osseointegration due to its demonstrable increased roughness.

Z5m Highlights

All Z-SYSTEMS implants are provided with a hydrophilic surface!

1. Can be prepped directly in situ: Abutment and implant shoulder

  • Individual aesthetics
  • Fast and cost-effective restorations – like a natural tooth

2. Identical supracrestal area like Z5m, as well as surface SLM®

  • Same drill set supplemented with 3 drills especially for Z5m(t) (TD170, CD355 and CD455)

3. Perfect individual aesthetics

  • 100 % ceramic
  • Individual aesthetics due to preppable preparation margin.

4.  A strong connection

  • The implant connects a conical basic shape with a dynamic self-tapping (active) thread.

5. Experience from over 60,000 implants placed

  • Established ennosal design
  • Excellent osseointegration through Z-Systems' proven,patented proprietary SLM® laser surface technology and gentle plasma sterilization

6. Unique, dynamic active selfcutting Thread

  • Allows for soft, predominantly spongy bone of the Class D3 ⁄ D4 reaching high primary stability.


The health of your patients is our top priority. That is why we have put together a comprehensive technical guide which we also provide here online. We recommend the use of Zirkolith® ceramic implants for dentists with a thorough practical surgical training, expertise and experience in implantology.

Surgical-Prosthetic Concept-Z5

Product-Catalog with Drilling-Protocol

Datasheet Z5m(t)

Productlist Z5

US Productlist Z5

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