Kolloquium Implantology

Start date 12.11.2022
End date 12.11.2022
Time 08:00
Location Osnabrück, Germany
Kolloquium Osnabrück

Dear colleagues,

The indication of dental implants has increasingly expanded. Not so long ago, even nicotine abuse was not so long ago, even nicotine abuse was discussed as a contraindication. Specific approaches, the indication is expanding further and further into the area of "high-risk patients" and severely compromised local situations. These patients in particular have a particularly high level of suffering and implant-supported and implant-supported dentures are often the only way to achieve functional and esthetic rehabilitation. Inevitably, however, the widespread with the widespread use of implants, however, complications in the maintenance phase, which require professional
(differentiated) treatment. We would also like to draw your attention to the Early Bird Workshop before the main program, in which we would like to address economic aspects of implantological and surgical services that are often less considered. With our program we would like to offer you not only update on these aspects and invite you to discuss the various to discuss the various approaches to difficult indications as well as difficult indications as well as the handling handling of complications.

We look forward to seeing you again,
Dr. Stefan Hümmeke
Prof. Dr. Dr. Elmar Esser
Dr. Christoph Gaertner