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The Z5 implant system is part of a comprehensive plan and may only be used in conjunction with the corresponding materials, tools and instruments and in accordance with Z-SYSTEMS instructions and recommendations. Instructions regarding the application of our products represent the latest thinking and processes.

Further education and training

thorough understanding of our material properties and to fully educate the clinician on the proper surgical techniques specific to Z-SYSTEMS implant systems.

Webinar Series

Complimentary Tuition Offered Courtesy of Z-SYSTEMS Ceramic Implants.

Participants of the Masterclass are eligible for 16 CE credits. Learn from a faculty of dental implant experts.

8 Modules
Learn the necessary skills to become a material specialist with this easy to follow curriculum designed to fit around your schedule.

Join the Live event with fellow classmates or watch afterwards On-Demand at your convenience.

Metal-Free Implant Dentistry is a rapidly growing discipline within the implant field. This exciting technology allows for superior soft tissue response and esthetics, virtually non-existent peri-implantitis formation, and provides the foundation for long term bone level stability.In recent years we have seen a dramatic rise in patient demand for metal-free dental implant options and we do not expect this demand to diminish, rather it is likely to increase. This Master Class in Ceramic Implant Dentistry will allow you to obtain a thorough understanding of zirconia, be able to immediately implement metal-free dental implants into your clinical practice, as well as gain market share in your area by being among the first to offer a metal-free option for dental implant procedures.

This new online course focuses on Zirconia Implant Dentistry and teaches you the clinician to become a true material specialist in your practice. Ceramic implants represent the new standard in the treatment of partial and complete edentulism and continue to grow in popularity as well as market share among clinicians but more importantly patients. Join the dental implant evolution by learning everything you need to know about ceramic implants to properly and effectively treat your patients with ideal results and the highest patient satisfaction.

Each module contains essential information (in the form of science, published literature and case review) to assist dentists in the following:

Each module contains essential information (in the form of science, published literature and case review) to assist dentists in the following:

Incorporating Zirconia Implant Technology Into Your Day to Day Practice

Surgical Protocols for Two-Stage Zirconia Implant Procedures

Surgical Protocols for One Piece & Immediate Restoration Procedures for Two-Piece Bone Level Zirconia Implants

Prosthetic Protocols Relating to Zirconia Implants

Metal-Free Implant Dentistry

Advanced Surgical and Prosthetic Procedures Incorporating Zirconia Implants

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